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About Us

It all started when my roommate and I were discussing our marketing assignment while lounging in our pyjamas in a grad room in Toronto. The assignment taught us a lot about marketing, such as finding a need for a product, thinking about the core benefit and other peripheral benefits the product would offer and lastly the competitive advantages. While learning about marketing concepts, we felt that there was one important thing that an entrepreneur or marketer should consider: Passion for the product. 

One snowy winter day, while in Yoga class I noticed the activewear worn by most of us in the class: neons, blacks, greys and abstract designs. The yoga class reminded me of my grandmother in India, who had practised yoga since her childhood, wearing a saree! Yes, colourful sarees with paisleys and peacocks, lotuses and temple ornaments. I suddenly longed to wear yoga pants that would be as unique as these sarees. Wouldnt that be so authentic?

I think I had found a product I was truly passionate about.

Yogavastram was founded by Swathi as a result of her own longing for clothes made for functionality and comfort while balancing her love for traditional Indian prints and fabric. While growing up she lived in various parts of India and that gave her an opportunity to marvel at all the brilliant sights and sounds that the country had to offer. She found beauty in every corner of the country, from the dusty bylanes of Tamil Nadu, the ancient temples of the south, the cool mountain breeze of Kerala, the relentless rains of Assam, mirror-clad outfits of the west, to the outright chaos of Mumbai, the list could go on. To say the least, she is passionate about Indian culture and all the beautiful things it has to offer. The inspiration behind the prints and the stories behind the art is shared in the blog.

In terms of what I learned in marketing class☺ :

Who will like us?: Women who like exotic Indian prints, ancient Sanskrit texts and love the uniqueness of having them in their leggings and bags!

What do we do best?: Functionality combined with Traditional Prints.

What are the other awesome things about us?: Super soft and stretchy leggings that are made with the highest quality in mind, and Tote bags that are unique.

What sets us apart?: Yogavastram's deep knowledge of Sanskrit and Indian culture combined with high-quality products that are affordable. Free shipping worldwide, which means we offer you the same quality products and service no matter where you are in the world!

The goal of Yogavastram is to fit into the everyday lifestyle requirements of the muse: intelligent, quirky, spiritual women. Women who love the functionality of modern fabric but like to combine it with prints and patterns that are traditionally Indian.


Founder, Yogavastram