Gayatri Cotton Tote Bag – Yogavastram

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Gayatri Cotton Tote Bag
Gayatri Cotton Tote Bag
Gayatri Cotton Tote Bag

Gayatri Cotton Tote Bag

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Are you aware of the supernormal benefits of Gayatri?
The highly revered mantra, the meaning of which is : We meditate upon the Divine Light of that adorable Sun of Spiritual Consciousness, which stimulates our power of spiritual perception; May It open our hearts and enlighten our Intellect.

The cleansing energy of this mantra will put your mind at ease and fill your physical self with vigour. The positive power of this Mantra will expel all negativity from your life.

Let the tote bag be a reminder of this supreme mantra! 
Properties: A sturdier look to our classic Gayatri Mantra Tote bag! A classic tote bag that'll withstand whatever you throw in it, from books to groceries!

• 100% bull denim cotton construction
• Dimensions: 14 ⅜” x 14” (36.5 cm x 35.6 cm)
• Dual handles