Yogavastram - Namaste!

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Yoga : योगा  means "to unify" + Vastram : वस्त्रम् means a piece of clothing = Quality Yoga wear in Unique Indian prints
Yogavastram, is a company that focuses on two aspects of a garment: Quality yoga wear and truly unique Indian prints. Our goal is to create comfortable clothes with traditional prints from India, the origin of Yoga. We believe that these exotic garments bring out the personality of the wearer – You! You who are spiritual, mindful and quirky!


Everything we do, we do it with passion for Indian Designs. Yogavastram's prints will not only help you remind of the beautiful origins of the spiritual practice of yoga but also sure to make heads turn. Our team is small and committed, and we take effort to ensure that our quality standards never drop. The design team at Yogavastram works to re-articulate traditional styles with an urban context.